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    8 comments  ·  OnePlaceMail (Desktop) » Issue  ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
    An error occurred while saving the comment
    Yoshi Kodama commented  · 

    Great news!

    After some trial and error we've gotten everything squared away, including learning that one of the test eMails we'd been using (the ORIGINAL problem child) had a corrupted header, thus it would NEVER sort correctly. The file error made us think that changing the columns as advised DID NOT actually work when in reality it DID!

    We've now successfully tested 50+ emails with 50+ individual recipients with ZERO errors, and i couldn't be happier!

    Now comes the battle to get buy-in from the end users (eek! lol!)

    Thank you both SO much for your help in getting things working 100%, now i can widen our evaluation group and really put the product thru it's paces.

    Again, thank you so much for the assistance and attentiveness!

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    Yoshi Kodama commented  · 

    Almost forgot, of the scenarios in this link: http://www.scinaptic.com/support/0016.html

    Scenario 3 seems closest to the behavior exhibited.

    - The site is already in the "Local Intranet Zone" for all our users.

    - Currently all testers have Contributor access with myself having Full Control.

    Also, regarding the upload error above, this is a different, much less descriptive error. Previous to changing the the columns to support multiple lines and unlimited lengths, there error was still a 401, but had an actual description and a link that would display a more specific error msg on an additional page vs the very short and not descriptive newer msg (that has no link to a 2nd error page as before).

    attached is an image of the current error. https://d37wxxhohlp07s.cloudfront.net/s3_images/740750/Error401.png?1337619208

    An error occurred while saving the comment
    Yoshi Kodama commented  · 

    Correct, we are NOT using the Sandbox as all documentation said that it is optional. Not wanting any extrenuous 3rd party software on our production server it seemed that OnePlaceMail's flexibility of use was ideal, as by policy anything "sandbox" isn't allowed.

    We chose OnePlaceMail specifically because of it's seemingly simple setup and configuration with software being client-side. The marketing spoke to everything we wanted as well as what we did not want, from competitors.

    From what you're describing however, it sounds like the expected method of install IS to use the sandbox?

    To answer some of the questions and rule out some of the obvious potential issues:

    - I'm site admin of our SharePoint 2010 install.

    - I'm using ad admin account for all steps thus far.

    - Proper permissions for write access to related Libraries and Lists have all been set.

    - on the "1-5" section: yes credentials are working correctly and the file can be uploaded, but with 1 caveat.

    - Upload via "Upload Multiple Documents" works successfully but no metadata (obviously)

    - Upload via "Open w/Explorer" works successfully but no metadata (obviously)

    - Upload via "Upload Document" yields error:

    Failed to get value of the "Attachments" column from the "Multiple lines of text" field type control. See details in log. Exception message: Attachment field cannot be updated..

    (seemingly different error)

    This error and behavior is the same regardless of what file type is being moved; tested with .MSG, .TXT, and .PDF

    Installing the Sandbox is not an option for our current policy and situation so I'm really hoping that I don't have to start entirely over looking for a similar product.

    By far the most frustrating part is coming SO CLOSE to having a solution that perfectly fits our needs.

    Thank you both SO MUCH for your assistance in this matter.

    An error occurred while saving the comment
    Yoshi Kodama commented  · 

    Thanks so much for the reply!

    I was very hopeful as the highlighted areas you indicated WERE set to Single/Limited; the appropriate columns are now set to Multiple/Unlimited however the error persists :(

    Below is a screencap of my specific settings (note this is a 2010 evironment):


    Any other ideas or suggestions would be VERY appreciated.

    It feels like I'm 99% of the way there!

    Yoshi Kodama shared this idea  · 

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