Signing in issues


The OnePlaceMail Store App currently has the following account requirements:

  • The Mail account must be an Office 365 Organization (Work or School) account
  • The SharePoint site(s) that you are saving mail/attachments to must be part of the same Office 365 tenant as your Mail account

 The following environments are not supported:

  • On premises SharePoint servers
  • On premises Exchange Mail servers
  • Saving mail/attachments where the Mail account and SharePoint are in different Office 365 tenants

Troubleshooting Steps

  • Ensure you check the “Keep me signed in” checkbox on the login screen

  • Use the About OnePlaceMail | Sign out of Office 365 option in the app.

  • Clear browser cookies if you are accessing using Outlook Web Access 
You should clear the cookies and temporary files from the browser you are using (this is different on IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox).

  • Clear Internet Explorer and Edge browser cache(s) if you are using Desktop Outlook on Windows
When using Desktop Outlook on Windows the app uses the cache of either Internet Explorer or Edge. Try clearing the cookies and temporary  files from both these browsers and restart Outlook.

  • Clear the Outlook for Mac cache
Outlook for Mac does not user Safari for rendering the app. Outlook has its own browser that has a cache separate to Safari (so just clearing Safari cache won't help). To clear the Outloook for Mac cache please refer to this article:

Known Issues

There is a known issue with ADFS and Desktop Outlook 2013 (this issue is related to IE11 which is used by Outlook 2013). To confirm this is your issue, you should be able to sign-in and use the app using Outlook Web Access in a Chrome or Firefox web browser.

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